St Peters St. Derby c1890
St Peters St. Derby c1890
Victoria St. Tram Derby
Victoria St. Tram

Old Derby Photos and Pictures aims to show a social history of Derby and Derbyshire from around 1880 - the 1960s

Old Photos of Derby, Derbyshire villages and the Derbyshire Peak District.

Derby is a Midlands industrial town, famous for Royal Crown Derby porcelain, Rolls Royce and building trains.This is the Derby I remember as a boy.
I was born in Derby in 1938 and have many memories of Old Derby.
The Photo Gallery contains nearly 500 photos of Derby and Derbyshire.

A lot of the photos on this site are of a small pixel size and unsuitable to sell. Larger size photos may be purchased from my other old photo site: Visit The Past

I have been collecting vintage photos and prints for the past few years. I am very interested in how our grandparents and great grandparents lived.
Old Derby Photos shows aspects of life between 1880-1960,only 80 years, but huge changes in the way we lived. It's amazing how living standards changed in such a short time. 1894 saw the first electric lights in Derby,1960 we had all the mod cons of the telephone and television with the Internet just around the corner. If our grandparents could see the rapid changes they would be amazed.

Most of the photographs are from my personal collection of Old Postcards, Antique prints and Vintage Photographs, others are kindly sent by visitors

I hope the pictures prove interesting and they bring back a few forgotten memories.
I am not a historian so if you see any mistakes in my ramblings please let me know.

If you have any information or history of any of the photos please email the details and they will be gratefully added to the photograph. Expats why not leave a message in the Guestbook.
It would be great if visitors to the site could contribute any of their memories or old photos of Derby.

Here is some interesting film from 1931 Pathe News. 1931 Derby Pathe News Archieve Film

View footage of a film I made in 1965 of a drive in the snow from Allenton along Osmaston Rd to Cotton Lane.Derby.

Derby Video

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Derby Market Place
Photo of Derby Market Place c1950s. On the right hand side was Martins Bank to the right of the Market Hall entrance was Frosts the Pork butchers and Derbyshire Advertiser offices.

Old Derby Photos

The Grand Theatre in Babbington Lane.

Albert St. Derby
Albert St.Palais de Danse later to be Northcliffe House home of Derby Evening Telegraph. makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on its website is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee this,and we accept no liability for any information or advice given via its website.